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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

David of MoneyNing is giving away $$$$

How exciting, David getting married February 9th!! With the celebration he is giving away $1000 (possibly $1500) to his beloved readers to celebrate. There are a few ways to win.

Each email subscriber will get 20 entries.
If you stumble his post (give it a thumbs up), you will get 5 entries.
If you have a blog/site and link to this post, you will get 10 entries. (Please email him at david [at] moneyning.com with the link afterwards so he knows how to contact you)
If you link to his post and also write a review of his site in the same post, you will get 20 entries. (Also email him after you do this)
After he settles down with his new life, he will start drawing a winner every day starting from March 1st for 10 days in a row. Each winner will receive $100 (Most people will receive money through PayPal. Those that don’t have a PayPal account will get a $100 amazon gift certificate).
If he has more than 1,000 subscribers (RSS + email) before he draws the last winner on March 10, he will give away another $500 and draw winners for an additional 5 more days. To increase his subscriber count, you can either subscribe to his feed or become an email subscriber.

I really enjoy reading his posts! Always informative information! I am subscribed and am always reading his posts, always something of interest, with useful information!!

Head on over there, browse his blog, you will throughly enjoy it!!