Saturday, February 16, 2008

MeAndMyDrum turns 1 CONTEST

MeAndMyDrum saw the light of day this time last year; February 20, to be exact. Of all the years he'sbeen blogging, this one year has, by far, been the most educational and entertaining.
So he's like to celebrate the occasion with an easy-to-enter contest.
Read more about it at MeAndMyDrum
What do you win?
One person will win the following:
1,000 Entrecard credits
A review of their blog on MeAndMyDrum
And for the friend of the winner, I’ll write a review of their blog on Darn Good Reviews, another blog I own. And if my subscriptions increase to 300, I’ll give their friend 200 Entrecard credits.
Contest ends February 20 at midnight CST.