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Friday, February 22, 2008

We're here in ITALY!

Here we are in Creazzo/Vicenza Italy! We are staying at my daughter's house!! We arrived Wednesday!! Such beauty here, and so different. Yesterday we went to Verona(pictued above)!! Wow, we were just were in awe just walking around checking out the beauty and architect!

This is my first time overseas for me!! Nice to visit but wouldn't want to live here. Everything is so different here. Oh and they drive fast!! Oh and the Euro here, whew!! Expensive. Note above at Burger King's menu board above!! Don't know if you can read it, a Whopper in Euro's is 3.20. Which in America is $4.75(This was Amsterdam)! Whoa!!! We didn't eat there though. No way. Samantha and Will house they rent is in an up scale neighborhood. The cost of their rent is $2400 a month in USD! She lives about 20 miles from the base, why she didn't get a home closer to base is beyond me. Oh yeah she high maintance Sam! LOL!
Pic of Samantha and I! Boy she makes me look really old!
So far what I have seen Italy is a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here. We went shopping at the PX(Army exchange store), lot cheaper!! Got us a new camera, 12.1mega pixel, now to learn how to get the full use of it and get some awesome pictures.