Tuesday, May 6, 2008

OMG I DID IT contest

OMG I finally did it! I made my own widget! Believe it or not it works! I just can't believe it, does this put me in the next bracket up from a blogging noob now?

I am so excited I am having a contest!possibly I am giving away the following prizes:

GRAND: 600 entrecard credits
1st: 150 entrecard credits
2nd: 150 entrecard credits................join in! tell your friends

Grand: 500 entrecard credits
1st prize: 100 entrecard credits
2nd prize: 100 entrecard credits

do any or all of the things below:

subscribe to my rss feed, reader or email----2 entries
favorite me on technorati, button on sidebar--1 entry
add me to your blogroll-----------------------1 entry
blog about this contest on your blog using GIVEAWAY CITY somewhere in your post and also a link to this contest---------------------------5 entries.
Lastly leave a post(1 entry) letting me know what you did and you will be added to the pot with the amount of entries due you. At contest end I will generate winners from

I would honored if you would like to add my widget to your site, if you would like to let me know @ my email which is on my profile page!(Don't know how to do it here). I will give 100 entrecard credits to show some appreciation.
Drop your card while your here.
Oh I am so excited!!
ends: 11:59pm CT May 12, 2008
A special thanks to PinayWifeSpeaks and her article that got me going on making my widget! Thanks Pinay