Saturday, April 5, 2008


Win 3000 entrecard,PR3 blog reviews, text links and more at rumblinglankan. This is a pretty simple contest. New subscribers will receive 50 entrecards credits, not a bad deal!
First Prize
A Review from this blog ( 30$ Value )2000 EC ( 15$ Value )Text link for one month in Featured sites widget ( 10$ Value )Blog rolled in this blog for 1 Month
Second PrizeA Review from another PR1 blog ( 10$ Value )500 EC ( 4$ Value )Text link for one month in Featured Sites widget ( 10$ Value )

Existing users don’t have to worry they are already added to the competition.Other than the winner every other new entrant will get 50 EC for joining the contest. See the contest page for what needs to be done to be part of this contest.
ends: April 15th