FuelMyBlog+T-Sheets win 1 of 2 iPODS ~ GIVEAWAY CITY

Monday, May 5, 2008

FuelMyBlog+T-Sheets win 1 of 2 iPODS

The latest competition on Fuelmyblog is being sponsored by Tsheets.com. There are two prizes and two ways of winning either an 80Gb iPod Classic or an 8Gb Nano.
Tsheets is a web-based timesheet system that turns ANY PC or mobile device into a time clock, that is ideal for tracking hourly time for employees, salaried employees, contractors, or your own time.
Matt and Brandon over at Tsheets want to know:-a) What you think of their siteb) What you do in the first 5 minutes of your working day.So I said, let's ask the fuelmyblog community!So to keep things simple, it works like this, to win an iPod, you can do two things:-
Go to this link and click on "TRY TSHEETS" and sign up free (no credit card required). One random user signed up from fuel will be pulled out of the hat and win the iPod, we'll do this live on the 23rd May on FuelTV, simple!
Write a blog post, and this post needs to mention Tsheets.com (We are tracking the entries by following fuelmyblog and tsheets). The post needs to tell what you do in the first 5 minutes of your working day. Tsheets will decide the winner on the 23rd May 2008, be creative and be honest ;-) And leaving a link under this blog post helps us add them to the competition page here!Anything else to know? I think that is a simple competition and a fun one, all entries will be linked to from fuelmyblog so you even get a PR 6 Link!
My first 5 minutes, be honest? Ok, I go potty, take my vitamins and grab a pepsi, then sit down at my computer! Hey I'm just being honest!!