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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Katie had chicks!!

Remember my post about This Is Our Katie? Well I was sleeping this morning and my dear hubby woke me and said, "I have good, news and I have bad news, which do you want? Well your getting the bad news first." I was driving down the highway at 55 mph(saving gas) and this girl rear ended me at 75 miles per hour." Car was fine. He didn't call the cops, I would of, the girl that rear ended him said her cell phone rang and she was answering it! Oh and she was going thru a divorce. I was pissed!!!!

Now for the good news he says, "Katie had chicks, 5 of them", I rolled over and said, "yeah right, with no rooster?" He says, "yes that's possible." Got up and dressed and sure shittin there's 5 baby chics!!

Ok how does this happen?? WHOA! WHOA!!! Wait a minute..................earlier I balanced his checkbook, had an "o" where you right a check to. Didn't think much of it.... just now writting this post I went to him and said, "let me see your checkbook." "O" whats this I said, that's Orcshleins!!! (thats where you buy chicks and chicken feed etc! You bought 5 chicks!!!!! "No I didn't I bought chicken feed, and you could see the lies all over his face!!! Oh that shit head!!