Friday, May 9, 2008

The SPORTS DOLLARS giving up Entrecard CONTEST

Yes The Sports Dollar is giving up on entrecard. He is really tired of dropping cards and not getting anything in turn. The site has been up for just a little over a month and the effort they put in to entrecard is just not worth it. This all stems from entrecards pricing system change. Seemly with a huge drop of participation. Which I tend to agree. Even I have lost most of my interest in Entrecard.

Nontheless The Sports Dollar is saying farewell to Entrecard with a 7500+++ entrecards credits giveaway!!

150 Tickets: Write a short post or blurb about this contest with a minimum of 100 words. Make sure to link back to this post and also state the 7500+ credits somewhere.
100 Tickets: Post our 125x125 banner linking back to us somewhere on your blog for the duration of the contest. You can combine this into your short blurb on the contest to kill two birds with one whoppin' stone.
50 Tickets: Subscribe to our RSS feed. (Sorry long-termies, but you have to be a new subscriber.)
10 Tickets: Stumble it! (Idea courtesy of "Blog Me the Money")

ends: May 16th