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Sunday, June 8, 2008

10 second blog contest at Rockfuse

So, it’s that time when ROCKFUSE gives you a chance to win an insane amount of prizes for 10 seconds of your time! Let us cut to the chase straight away…
1000 E-books ($1 each) on “Seven Ways To Live A Better Life” by Blogpremiere.com * [register]
Blogpremiere is an awesome forum for bloggers to hang out, share knowledge and promote their projects. Head on there now and you won’t regret it!
2 Prizes of one-hour-blog consultation worth $50 each with Jason Pereira of TheUniversityKid.com * [subscribe]
The University Kid is the brainchild of Jason Pereira, who is one of the brightest rising Internet Marketers I’ve seen. He offers and shares his strategies with his readers on TheUniversityKid.com
Traffic plan for six months valued at $120 and $20 cash via Paypal - TraffexOneClix.com * [subscribe]
TraffexOneClix offers bloggers with unique blog traffic packages, “paid to click” programs and “get paid to blog” programs and many more. Check them out for more traffic and money.
4 Copies of the E-book “Work Smart - Get Rich” valued at $15 each and blog consultation for two bloggers for 30 minutes valued at $30 each - TheNetFool.com * [subscribe]
Jim Regan shares his Internet Marketing chronicles and money making methods through his blog TheNetFool.com. You can read my review on his book “Work Smart - Get Rich”
$100 cash transferred through PayPal by Netline RevResponse * [register]
RevResponse is one of those too good to be true networks that allow you to make money by offering something completely free. I highly recommend them and you can check my review of them here.
125×125 sidebar banner for 6 months worth $100 by Freshy SEO * [subscribe]
Eric Odom blogs at FreshySEO.com about SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media and so on. He has many valuable tips to offer and his blog is a must-read for me.
Ad package worth $60 from ReelSuave.com* [subscribe]
A movie fan’s complete website. ReelSuave talks about reviews, previews, interviews, trailers, actor spotlights and much much more.
A blog review worth $50 by Bloggeries * [
Rob from Bloggeries will be doing a full blog review on your blog. I’ve seen these reviews and they usually get a lot of exposure through the Bloggeries blog and forum both!
Ad Package worth $20 and a Blog Review worth $20 from TechSuave.com [subscribe]
If your looking for Blogging, Webmaster, Internet Marketing and Technology Tips all blended in one, this is it! TechSuave is the ultimate mix.
One 125×125 banner ad worth $25, One Blogroll Link worth $15 and 1000 ECs by Junkie Yard dot com * [subscribe]
Junkie Yard offers tips on blogging and various blogging resources. Be sure to check it out!
A peel-away ad package worth $8 by Making Myself Extra Money
You will win a peel-away ad package to monetize your blog in a super cool way from Making Myself Extra Money.
125×125 or 468×60 banner worth $3 and 500 Entrecard Credits from Time for a Smile
Such a simple idea converted to a blog. It’s a one of the most unique blogs around and well worth a smile:)

3000 Entrecard Credits form Twins Happiness
2000 Entrecard Credits form John is Fit
1500 Entrecard Credits form Freebie Reporter
1000 Entrecard Credits form Singaporean in London
1000 Entrecard Credits form That Blog for Me
500 Entrecard Credits form My Travel Blog
So, excluding the 10500 Entrecard credits, The value of all the prizes come up to over $1600!
check out the contest page for on all the goodies on this contest
ends: July 1st