Friday, June 6, 2008


Woopra has so many features it’s difficult to share them all. Here is a short list of Woopra highlights. We invite you to sign up now and explore all Woopra has to offer.
Live Tracking and Web Statistics
Rich User Interface
Real-time Analytics
Manage Multiple Blogs and Websites
Deep Analytic and Search Capabilities
Visitor and Member Tagging
Real Time Notifications
Easy Installation and Update Notification
Installing Woopra is easy. There is a simple to assist the new user. Once installed, Woopra will alert the user of updates, feature improvements and changes, new plugins and tools, and Woopra news and resources through the Woopra panels.
Woopra can be installed on
any recent version of Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Plugins to activate Woopra from within various blog, CMS, and website platforms currently include WordPress and vBulletin. Plugins for other platforms will soon be available.

Developer Tools
More than merely a Web statistics and analytics service, Woopra is a robust platform with an API for advanced integration. Plugin and skinning capabilities ensure that ultimately Woopra will conform to user preferences instead of forcing users to adopt a standard.
Woopra is developed for expandability and easy customization. Woopra is designed for the future of web analytics and site interaction.

Woopra is still in beta! I personally think it is going to be a great success! I have it installed and I just love it!! The platform is just like watching the stock market!! Hey, that's what it looks like to me!!