Brief Intermisson ~ GIVEAWAY CITY

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Brief Intermisson

Just a brief Intermission from chasing contests and giveaways. Just wanted to share with you another one of my daughters accomplishments in the military. She is still stationed in Italy at Caserma Ederle. Click on the pic to possibly enlarge.

Samantha 24, was chosen to participate in the SETAF Soldier of the Year June 9-12. (Just gave birth to a son at the end of January too). Soldiers and NCOs participating in this event found themselves facing many difficult and daunting tasks.
Each participant had to complete a PT test(Sam did 93 pushups), not too bad for a 110lb, 5'4" female! LOOK OUT GUYS! She said she beat out all the guys. Sam has maxed the PT test twice now since her 2 year enlistment. An honor to get that badge on your PT(physical training)uniform. They also have weapons qualification, a common Army knowledge exam, an appearance before the board, a written essay, a land navigation event in Asiago, and several warrior tasks including the loading and unloading of a Mark 19 Machine gun, employinga claymore, identifying terrain features on a map and several other tasks. The conclusion was the soldiers participating in a 12 mile ruck march and a mystery task.
Sadly Samantha came in 2nd place, oooohhhh so close. Nonetheless we are still proud of our Sam and her accomplishments. She has come along way since her rebellious teen years!!