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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chetan Needs Help for that iPhone 3GB

Chetan from The WWW Blog needs all of our help. Needs help to raise $200 for iPhone 3G. Read on.....

This target is set just to see how much support i get from people who read my blog, and other fellow bloggers. I want to make $200 to buy the iPhone 3G which might be released by the end of August in India.
I can make money from many other ways which i use to make money online, but this is to get support from all you guys! Even $1 donation would be helpful. Check the iPhone Goal page to see more about my target and how you can help me.
Any donations of $3 or above would be linked in the goal page, till i reach the goal. $10 and above donators would get a site-wide link for a month or more. So you too would be a bit benefited. And i would soon open a contest to get some donations from people. Will let you all know about it.

I have donated, I frequent the site periodically and saw this post and thought "hey I can help a fellow blogger out, so I have. They accept Paypal too which made it so handy!!! So why don't you hop on over there and help out a fellow blogger and make a donation! I feel good I did. Click here for the article!