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Friday, August 15, 2008

Mixed Martial Arts--Market Leverage Contest w/update

This contest hosted by Mixed Market Arts is sponsored by Market Leverage . Great prizes:
ONE Flip Mino ($179 value)One lucky winner will receive a brand-spanking new Flip Mino so that you can record your exciting life and put it on Youtube. Many people argue that video blogging is the next big thing, so you could always get a head start on that.
TEN 2GB USB PensMarketLeverage has graciously given me ten pens that double as a USB flashdrive. You can pop open these pens and store 2 gigs of your precious data.
FOUR $25 Giftcards Collin is donating four of his $25 giftcards that he got during my time in Nebraska. These are Visa giftcards, which means they are as good as cash!
This ends: August 20th
Collin gave a Market Leverage Review now here is my review of Market Leverage.
Market Leverage is great. I just love it. They call you personally, and day of 2 later you know in an email if you are accepted. Yes there are things here and there that I do not understand but I'm sure I will learn in time.
The PR is just grand. They are the most friendly I have run into.
I recently won an iPod Nano from a giveaway(Market Leveraged sponsored), I didn't just get the iPod Nano, I got 2GB USB pen, a ML Nike bag, and a ML polo shirt, and guess what? It was my size! I was so impressed because I am a lil person and usually a tee shirt win or such they are usually huge. Fabulous sponsored prizes, I don't know how they do it but they do!
You Rock
Market Leverage