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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hallo-Fraking-Ween Costume Contest

Bad Evan is putting on a Huge Mega Fabu-tastic Halloween Costume Contest!! BuyCostumes has teamed up with him for this spectacle of wonderment. They’ve put up $500 CASH for the best user submitted Halloween costume.I know, $500? Really? Yep, you read that right. They loved his review so much, BuyCostumes decided to sponsor this contest. Here’s how it works. Him and the judges will pour over all the photos that you guys and gals send in. Then he'll send the person who gets the most votes from the panel $500. Pretty simple, huh?
So get out there in your best Judy Garland, rotting zombie, disco duck, or whatever you kids are into these days. Then strike a pose for the picture. Then email it to him at costumes@badevan.com, by November 3rd (**File can be no larger than 1MB and contain no nudity**). That’s it! May the best man/woman/it win!
These are the judges:Wisdom HypnosisKen ArmstrongCanuckleheadFragileHeart Odd Vantage PhoneSexLifeDiet Pulpit MTMD
Also, be sure to visit BuyCostumes for great quality costumes at very reasonable rates. And don’t forget to visit the judges, sucking up is allowed.
It you write about this contest you will be entered to win $250 cash, 5,000 EntreCard credits and a 125×125 Ad right here on his blog. Find out more, HERE